Chinese Drywall
What is Chinese Drywall?Chinese drywall refers to corrosive drywall product imported from China from 2003 through 2008.--This product produces sulfur gas compounds that are noticeable throughout the house--The gas compounds can corrode copper throughout the house--There is currently no evidence of problems in fire rated, 5/8” thick or moisture resistant drywallWhy Use The Structures Group?You might question the need for a Professional Engineer or Architect on this project. Some thoughts about this:--Most “Experts” in this field are not regulated or licensed--Design professionals like The Structures Group are strictly regulated and licensed--Most “Experts” in this field have no actual construction engineering experience--The Structures Group has designed several thousand projects during the last ten years--The Structures Group has experience in both new and existing construction--The Structures Group has both professional and general liability insuranceWhat Services Are Provided?We have developed techniques for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of Chinese drywall projects.DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES--Cursory, non-invasive assessments to verify corrosion in copper wiring, air handlers and plumbing--Invasive sampling to verify type of drywall through visual assessment of labels--Invasive sampling and oversight of certified lab testing for sulfur out-gassing and indoor air quality--Thirty day copper coupon corrosion testsREHABILITATION SERVICES--Development of construction specifications for drywall removal and copper rehabilitation--Development of construction specifications for building flush-out of sulfur gases and compounds--Oversight of drywall removal and replacement--Oversight of certified lab testing for sulfur and indoor air quality --Thirty day copper coupon corrosion testsIn SummaryThe construction industry is just beginning to come to grips with the Chinese Drywall problem. When reaching out for help, remember these things:--Choose consultants that are strictly regulated and licensed by your state--Choose consultants with as much construction industry experience as possible--Choose consultants with professional and general liability coverageThe Structures Group will continue to be here to help our clients in any way possible.
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